onsdag 28 juli 2010

Skin a TRiK competition

A huge competition just ended over at DeviantArt, here's my entry aswell as some close-ups.

The competition was about designing a skin for Sony's new TRiK iPod speaker system with the theme revolving around any genre of music

I enjoy good music, be it metal, trance, house, hip-hop, pop, classical, rock etc. I really couldn't limit myself to depicting a certain genre.

Music, to me, is more than a favourite band or a lifestyle. It's medicine for my soul and body, my remedy. Music grants me the wings I weren't born with, allowing for a temporary slip into a greater world. It is through music I feel alive and as long as I have music, I will never be alone.

As for the symbolism behind the piece, my first intention was to make a play around the BP oil spill, a critique if you may.
This piece was to be may way of helping out, my way of saying Stop, we will have no more of this. And if I, through my piece, could even make one person become more aware of what's going on, I would have fulfilled my purpose.

It's truly sad what is going on in this world with all the greed, racism and corruption. Where people exploit both each other and their surroundings. A world where money means everything and compassion, kindness and love is regarded as weaknesses, meaning nothing.

However, as I kept working other thoughts came to mind..

For far too long have we had our attention on the 'bad', and this piece would be no exception. Focusing on how bad things are does not help, it's time to re-think.

There is beauty in this. No matter how seemingly dark the situation seems you always have the choice to see the good.
Instead of looking at the situation with hopelesness, cowering in fear as you have been told to do, widen your senses. Look at it for what it really means.
It is through catastrophes like the oil spill and other disasters that the good within people can manifest. Every day people open up their eyes and 'wake up' to what's going on. There is no need to be afraid any more, we are strong and together we are even stronger.
Nature seeks constant balance and these disasters are just another way for things to even out. A forest fire if you may, forcing us to re-think our way of life and our behaviours, burning away the bad within us, making way for the good to grow.

Music has the same kind of impact on our life on a more individual level. It too can manifest through that special song, or those lyrics and completely change you, burning away the 'bad' within you. That is the analogy I want you to make.

In the end I just wanted to make something I would love to have on my TRiK if I had one, a cool piece of art with monsters in.


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