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tisdag 27 juli 2010

Thoughts regarding art school

I got got a question over at the forums from a friend of mine. He was wondering a bit about art schools in general and sharing his thoughts regarding today's art programs where you spend 4 years for a degree that means nothing.

I've been thinking a lot about those things, really. To be honest, there is no need for art school if you want to get good at art. With today's resources and communications you can learn anything you want when ever you want to. is living proof of that. That's not limited to Art, anything is possible today, anything! The only limitations are set by yourself.

However, if you want to get REALLY good at something you have to seek the best of the best and learn from them.
I completely share his view on studying art at university and having a degree. Really.. There is no point in 'wasting' 4 years of your life in the completely flawed so called modern art school with teacher's that don't know what a 3 point perspective is.

Prejudice aside, I could very well keep on doing art by myself a year more, though, the reason why I am going to art school is I need the creative environment. I need to breathe it, I need to feel it, I need to live it.. Sitting at home, painting from my room, living in my own little world.. it's slowly destroying me.
I don't expect art school to teach me anything, I'm pretty sure the teachers are good but they aren't traditionally schooled. They have gone through the regular art programs like everyone else and I fear they know little about art as a craft.
The curriculum is good though, it only focuses on drawing and painting, it even has life-drawing on the schedule as well as field trips to museums in Europe. In that sense it's win win.

To be more specific this is a 2 year program that prepares for future art studies. It's really sweet but stupid in one sense as many of the bigger art schools has this 2 year program as a requirement for you to be able to apply.. What's the difference between doing art and doing art? oh well. That's the world we live in, if you don't have it on paper you can't do it.

I'm glad that's not how it is when it comes to getting work as an artist. There they actually look at your art and having a degree is irrelevant.

Another reason why I am really looking forward to this is because a friend of mine - Sevarenge on the forums - is also going to the same school, I made him apply and believe me, we are going to KICK IT SO DAMN HARD.

Taking this first year as a kick-start into art, trying my wings.. being on my own in an adult world. And then I'll see what happens, hopefully by next year I'll be able to live on freelance as well as study art at one of the ateliers out there, preferably in Italy or USA.

Also adding a close-up of a massive piece I am working on. More on that with the next post
take care for now

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  1. Jag håller med dig helt.. Jag har själv länge tänkt på att gå skola bara för att vara omkring folk med ambitioner osv. Man blir så insnöad i sitt rum och det blir lätt trist efter ett tag. Dom större konstnärerna känner ju andra konstnärer i trakterna och har väl lättare med sånt, I guess.

    Vars ligger skolan du ska gå?
    Jag tänkte gå i Göteborg men kom inte in, fick inte veta varför och man fick inte heller fråga varför.. weird.

  2. Tja Loathsome! yeah så känner jag också.
    Det blir lätt stagnation om man sitter i en stillastående miljö. Jag började känna att varje gång jag inte uppnådde mitt dagliga mål, t.ex anatomi studier, så gick det ut över andra saker. Som en slags självbestraffning vägrade jag göra annat, bara satt hemma. Att bara sitta hemma stryper lätt arbetsdisciplinen och inspirationen, man är rätt van vid att slappa och göra annat.

    Att teckna tillsammans behöver inte vara bättre, men jag har märkt att jag har mycket roligare när jag tecknar tillsammans med andra. Samtidigt så är det så många olika intryck, alla tecknar och skissar på sitt sätt och det är väldigt inspirerande att ta del av.

    Tråkigt att höra om din skola, låter riktigt jobbigt. Hur gör du till hösten? Kom du in på en annan skola eller blir det att kötta på egen hand? ^^
    Skolan jag ska gå på heter S:t Sigfrids Folkhögskola, ligger i Växjö. Skolan är fin och deras bildprogram verkar bra.

  3. Jag har funderingar att försöka igen.. bara funderingar :P

    Jag bör söka till flera skolor, sökte bara till en den gången jag sökte.

    Gowd lawk dawg!

  4. Yeah, the problem is always the friggin' piece of paper that says that you "are" something. I studied business managment for 5 years at a university (that's how much it takes over here, where I live) and all I wanted was to do something with art. I was working as a graphic designer on the side, aswell as doing some photography work, but now I really want to continue with illustration. The problem is that in here, art school means nothing, if you go there you're most likely to starve, and you don't get a degree! I hope it's not too late to do illustration!