lördag 4 september 2010

LogMonster concept challenge

Hey, long time no see. Just posting a quick update, dropping a work in progress. There is a challenge going on over att the ArtOrder blog - Check it out here -

The challenge is to design a 'log monster' - I've been doing some thumbnails and rendering out the one's I like the most in gray. I'm going to let them inspire me a while longer before deciding on which one to do a final colour concept of. Having great fun!

There is a chance to win some great art books, worth $40. Would be really cool to get my hands on a good anatomy book, would help my current studies a lot! Hoping for the best :)

Take care for now ~ M

1 kommentar:

  1. nice update! i really like your lose sketches :) keep it up.. and plz take a look at my lame blog if ya have time haha i'd appreciate it very much