torsdag 25 november 2010

Hey everyone.. Sorry for not being around. Keeping it short. I still don’t have
propper internet and I can’t be arsed sitting here in the computer room when I can be somewhere else and paint and draw.
Things are going well here, I’m still having my ups and downs, most recently though, a huge up. For the first time in many years I’ve been able to tackle work gradually by taking small steps everyday.
An example would be, if I have to write an essay.. usually, for the past recent 5 years, I’d wait until the last day and then sit and write som half-assed piece of work and turn it in. Now I’ve been able to write for like 30-40 minutes every day. It’s a new sensation for me.. a lot of personal growth going on here.
I’m trying to keep my studies up as well, doing 4 pages a day. 2 pages are Anatomy studies from varied sources. A friend of mine got tons of anatomy books of great guys I didn’t know of such as Peck and Sheppard.
These are the books:
Peck -
Sheppard -
If you want to study more than bridgman and loomis I recommend checking out those guys!
My two other studies are:
1 page of value studies.. doing gradients and shading cubes (Following a Gnomon Workshop DVD series going into how to render matte surfaces – GOOD as hell if you ask me!)
- check it out here - -

And the last page is a render study, could be of an old master or some other awesome artist or frome life, the idea is to explore different kinds of rendering with pencil as well as how values work.

Digitally I’m starting to understand how to paint. “Sculpting” with value and varying edges with soft and hard brushes.. It’s like.. there are so many loose threads I’m touching upon I don’t really know where to start or what to do. Hopefully, as long as I keep my mind aware and explore these areas I’ll somehow begint to tie them together.

Now it sounds like I’m really productive, but nah, I’m not – I’ve been fighting with many downs.. I’m in a very self reflective situation right now and it can be heavy some times. It’s a part of life though and it’s wonderful to be alive and experience the whole show.. can’t always have fun and be happy

Lastly.. CgHub has a small pokemon challenge going on. I couldn’t resist. Here's the image

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  1. Tjusig blog, varför har jag inte sett det här förut.
    Låter som om det går bra för dig. Ditt sätt att hantera kanter börjar bli riktigt bra. Syns att du målar och tecknar mycket.
    Härlig drakportfolio i toppen på bloggen, det där kan du med förbundna ögon, vilka saker måste du hålla ögonen öppna för att lyckas med?
    Hör av dig om du vill snacka konst eller har vägarna förbi Göteborg någon gång.
    Lycka till, pepptalk bloggar är mina favoriter :)